Contact Information

P.O. Box 870
Picture Butte, AB
T0K 1V0
403-332-0304 (Darryl Gibb)

Company Information

SSG Fusion Ltd. was formed in October 2006 to fill a need in the feedlot industry that SSG Fusion owners saw. The result was Fusion: An Integrated Feedlot Management Solution. First available to the industry in October 2007, Fusion is making it simple to manage and collect data from almost every phase of feedlot production. The first to offer true software integration, Fusion handles each aspect of the feedlot without double data entry or import/export.

Company Founders

Ed Stronks

Ed Stronks is a feedlot owner/operator in the Picture Butte, Alberta area. He and his wife Shirley have three children. Ed had a desire to use technology to a higher degree than was previously available to integrate data collection and improve cattle management in one system over three feedyards. Meeting a programmer with a solid agriculture background (Cannon) opened Ed's eyes to an opportunity that had not been serviced by existing cattle feeding software. Combining that experience with the abilities of Darryl and his exposure to many different feedlot management scenarios has resulted in a highly flexible program for Ed's operation and has proven to be a very rewarding experience over all!

Darryl Gibb

Darryl Gibb and his wife Rena live near Raymond Alberta. Darryl has worked in the feed industry as a beef nutritionist since 1992. He also has experience in beef nutritional research. In both areas, Darryl has focused on enhancing profitability through efficient use of feeds. Darryl has previously designed nutritional computer programs, but is now excited to be working with a real programmer (Cannon) along with a feedlot producer (Ed) to develop a unique integrated feedlot program.

Cannon Smith

Cannon Smith, from Hill Spring, Alberta, has a unique mixture of agriculture and software development background. The oldest of five children, he was raised on a large hog and cattle farm. He has been programming computers ever since receiving his first computer at age 11. He remembers how astonished he was when, a few years later, he learned that it was possible to buy a book explaining the computer language he had figured out through trial and error. After marrying, Cannon managed the hog farm until his family decided to sell out in 2003. At that time he decided to form Synergy Farm Solutions and use his skills to develop custom software.