GPS Device Setup

Fusion can work with any type of GPS device at long as it meets the following criteria:

tip icon Please consult the Fusion Resource Guide for more information on GPS devices.

Setup Fields

If you are having trouble figuring out what the Termination String field should be we refer you to the Fusion Resource Guide which goes into more depth.


The position data Fusion uses can only be as accurate as the GPS device feeding it data. Newer GPS devices are usually accurate to within 1-2 meters. More expensive units have additional corrections that make them accurate to a few centimeters. We recommend placing the GPS device on top of the truck cab, on the same side as the discharge chute, and in a position that gives it the most wide open view of the sky in all directions as possible. If there are multiple truck at a location, try to position the device so it is a similar distance and angle from the discharge chute between trucks.

It is especially important to understand that features such as Feed Guard and Delivery Guide will only work properly when the feedlot has been accurately mapped and when the GPS device itself is sufficiently accurate and consistent.


If a GPS device has been configured, Fusion Truck will try to connect to it when Fusion Truck launches. You can view the connection status in the top right hand corner of the Fusion Truck Main Menu window. If you have just configured a GPS device, or if it has lost the connection, you can ask Fusion to attempt to connect to the device by using Fusion Truck Main Menu → Options → Connect To GPS Device.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the appropriate Setup… button in the Physical Computer Management window.

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