Keyboard Profile Setup

An electronic keyboard can be used for entering sex, breed, color, source, and other information about an animal during a chuteside job without having to touch the computer. These keyboards are made to be mounted anywhere that is convenient including directly on the squeeze.

tip icon Please consult the Fusion Resource Guide for more information on electronic keyboards.

This window is used to tell Fusion that this computer has one or more electronic keyboards connected to it and what port they are connected on. To actually program the buttons on a keyboard, please refer to the Keyboard Profile Edit Window topic.

Click the + to add a keyboard connection to the list. Then choose the port the keyboard is connected to. If you make changes to ports in the operating system while this window is open, click the Refresh Port List button. Fusion will ask the operating system for available ports and any new ones can be chosen from the list.

To delete a keyboard connection from the list, select it and click the - button.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the appropriate Setup… button in the Physical Computer Management window.

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