Remote Control Setup

The bulk of feeding revolves around adding ingredient to the truck and dropping feed off to pens, each time hitting the Record Weight button. Many feedlots use a loader to dump some of the ingredients in when making a load and find it handy to use a remote control to tell Fusion when to record the weight and move to the next ingredient.

tip icon Please consult the Fusion Resource Guide for more information on remote control devices.

Programming the Device

There are four actions that can be assigned the various buttons on the remote control, but you don't have to program each one. Many people find it best to only program the Record Weight action since the others are less used and this help prevent mistakes when a button is accidentally pushed.

To program an action, select it in the window and then press the remote control key you want to associate with that action. If it worked, you will see an entry in the Keypress column for that action. If it didn't work it is possible that the remote control device hasn't been set up properly yet. Another possibility is that not all buttons on a remote control will work with Fusion, so you may need to try another button.

If you want to deprogram a button, select the action and click the Clear Keypress button.

When you are finished, click the OK button to save and close the window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the appropriate Setup… button in the Physical Computer Management window.

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