Scale Indicator Setup

You can have Fusion connect to a scale indicator. The following are the requirements for the scale indicator model. You may need to contact the manufacturer to see if your indicator has this capability and for help in getting it in this mode.

General Requirements

You will need to check the indicator documentation or give the indicator company a call to see if a particular model is compatible with these requirements. Make sure they know which version of firmware you have since this often makes a difference, even with the same model.

If the indicator is compatible it will probably need some settings changed. Please consult the manufacturer for help in getting the indicator ready for use with Fusion.

tip icon This topic focuses mostly on setting up the indicator from within the settings window. For more general setup information, please consult the Fusion Resource Guide.

You can have as many scale indicators connected as you want. Most people only need one, but if you are in a feeding situation where a loader mixes loads into feed boxes which are then dumped into delivery trucks, you may need to connect to multiple scales. This will work as long as each one presents itself on one of the serial ports in the computer.

Adding an Indicator

To add a new indicator, click the + button and then set it up as described below. To remove an indicator, select it in the Scale Head list and click the - button.

Serial Port Setup Tab

In the Indicator Setup window in Fusion, the Serial Port Setup tab is where you tell Fusion which serial port the scale indicator is communicating on and the parameters for connecting. An example value is shown to the right of each field, but you will need to consult the scale indicator manual to find out which settings to use.

Communication Setup Tab

This tab is where you can enter specific codes and other settings for communicating with the scale indicator after the connection has been made.

Device Setup

When you enter command strings in the first four fields, you may need to enter characters that don't have a keyboard equivalent. You can do this by entering the ASCII decimal value surrounded by less than and greater than signs. For example, the ASCII decimal value for a carriage return is 13 and could be entered into the command string as <13>. Fusion will convert these codes to the appropriate character during communication with the scale indicator.

If you need to enter a < or > sign directly, you will need to escape it with a backslash (\) character like this: \<. A backslash character can escape itself like this: \\.

While you can type the command codes in directly, Fusion makes it a little easier when you click the button to the right of each field. After clicking any of these buttons you will see the command string on the right and a list of ASCII codes on the left. The list shows the ASCII symbol along with both the decimal and hexadecimal equivalents. Some scale indicator manuals will give you the special characters in decimal while others will give it to you in hexadecimal. Find the character you want and either Double-Click it or click the Insert button to insert that code into the command string. Click OK when you are done.

Gear Button

If you click on the gear button, you will be given a list of scale indicators to choose from. If you choose one of the indicators, the settings for all three tabs will automatically be filled in for you. Or you can choose one that is close to start with and make changes from there. If you have successfully set up a scale indicator that is not listed, please send us the model number and a screenshot of the settings and we will add it to the list in the next version of Fusion.

Saving Changes

Once the serial port settings and the communication setup settings are in place, you can click the OK button to save. If the Scale Indicator window is already open, you can also click the Apply button to give you a chance to try connecting to the scale without this window closing. This makes it easier to quickly test different settings until you find the ones that work.

warning icon Once Fusion is communicating with the scale indicator, you should not worry about the actual weight showing on the indicator itself anymore. Nor should you use the scale indicator to zero the weight or perform any other function. Fusion will take care of interpreting the weight from the scale indicator. You will only confuse Fusion if you make any changes on the indicator.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the appropriate Setup… button in the Physical Computer Management window.

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