Commodity/Ingredient Edit Window

This window is used to define a commodity (also referred to as ingredient). See Core Concepts for more information on commodities and ingredients.

General Information

Default Attribute Values

In order to start feeding, Fusion needs to know the dry matter, NEM, and NEG of each ingredient, so we provide a way to enter a default value for each. However, it should actually be recorded as an ingredient attribute and changed there once you start using Fusion.

warning icon When these values change in the future, so not make the changes here! Use the attribute system instead (see Core Concepts).

Location Specific Information

The information in this section defines information about the commodity on a per location basis. Select a location and then change the values for that location as desired.


If you would like to enter a note about this commodity, you can do so in this field.

Saving Changes

Click the Save button when you are finished making changes to a commodity. The new information will be available to other Fusion users within about ten seconds or after the next full sync for trucks. Or you can click the Cancel button to have Fusion ignore any changes you just made.

Getting Here

You can open this window by creating or editing a commodity from the Commodity/Ingredient List window.

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