Diagnosis Definitions List Window

This window is where all the possible diagnoses definitions are listed. Each definition can have several treatment protocols associated with it.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Setup → Diagnosis Definitions.

List Description

All of the possible diagnoses you have defined are listed here. When an animal is in a chuteside job for treatment, the first step is to diagnose the animal by choosing from one of the diagnoses in this list. From there a treatment protocol will be assigned. When you create a diagnosis definition you will also define the possible treatment protocols.

Field Display Speed Description
Diagnosis Label Normal This field shows the diagnosis name.
Relapse Days Normal When an animal is given a certain diagnosis it is considered the first pull. If, in the future, the animal is given the same diagnosis again, it would normally be considered a second pull, then a third pull, and so on. This is useful when you want the treatment protocol to change based on the assumption that previous protocols obviously did not work. However, it may be that if sufficient time has passed it is just a normal recurrence and the original treat protocol is sufficient. This field is used to determine how many days can go by between pulls before Fusion considers it a first pull again. So if a subsequent diagnosis is made, and if that diagnosis is made after more days than this since the first diagnosis was made, it will become a first pull. If less than that many days, Fusion will figure out what pull number it should be (the last pull number plus one).
Protocol Variation Count Normal Each diagnosis has a series of treatment protocols that will be used in various situations. These are sometimes called variations. This field shows how many variations the diagnosis has associated with it.
Indicators Normal This is a note field where an explanation of what to look for when determining the diagnosis can be held. It can be accessed during a chuteside job to help the person making the diagnosis.

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