Drug Location Info List

Each drug has certain inventory related settings associated with it that are on a per location basis. This list is where that information is stored. You normally edit this information in the drug edit window, but you can open this list as a child window to the Drug list window for viewing or printing purposes.

Field Display Speed Description
Drug Name Normal The name of the drug these settings are for.
Location Normal The location these inventory settings apply to.
Maximum Inventory Capacity Normal If the drug has a maximum capacity at the location, you can enter this value here. It is used in the Inventory Threshold window so you can see how full you are. Most drugs won't have a maximum capacity and can be left at zero.
Inventory Threshold Value Normal This is a value you define as the threshold. Inventory reports can warn you when the amount of drugs left is less than this threshold.
Inventory Days For Avg Usage Normal When inventory reports calculate how many days it will be until the inventory level is at the defined threshold, it will do this based on previous activity for the number of days in this field. For example, if this field was 30 days for a drug, Fusion would look at the amount of drug used in the last 30 days to decide how much was being used per day. It would then apply that calculation to figure out how many days, assuming the same usage pattern, until you hit the threshold. It usually makes sense for this to be a fairly low number (like 30 days) for drugs that are used regularly and a higher number (like 90 or 120 days) for drugs that are seldom used.
Markup Type Normal This field defines the markup method that Fusion will used when calculating the Bill At price based on the Cost price. Note that Fusion doesn't automatically do this on its own—pricing changes must always have human involvment. However, when using the Bulk Attribute Change window each month, you can ask Fusion to automatically apply a markup based on this setting. The possible values are None (no markup will automatically be applied), Percentage (the markup will be calculated as a percentage of the cost—see the next field), or Dollar (the markup will be a certain amount of dollars—see the next field).
Markup Value Normal If you have defined a markup for this drug at this location, this field will show the percentage or dollar markup, depending on which markup is used.
Current Batch Number Normal The batch number from the drug company that is currently being used at a location. As drug events are created, they will be tied to this batch number.

Parent Lists

This list can be a child window (or inlined report) for the following:

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