Fusion Client First Launch

The first time someone launches Fusion Client after Fusion Server has been installed at a new feedlot several steps must be completed to initialize Fusion. This topic explains these steps.

Software License Agreement

The first window you will see after launching Fusion Client the first time is the Software License Agreement window. If you are willing to accept this agreement click the Accept button to continue. Otherwise you will need to click the Quit button and not use Fusion.

tip icon If you would like to keep a copy of the license agreement, click the Saveā€¦ button to save it to a file or click the Copy button to copy to the clipboard.

First Launch Assistant

The next window you will see is the First Launch Assistant window. This window is used to collect important information needed before Fusion can be used. At the bottom of the window are arrow buttons which can be used to move between the pages. You can go back and edit any information as long as the window is open.

Introduction Page

This page explains a bit about this assistant. Proceed to the next page when you are ready.

Operation Information Page

The information collected on this page will be shown on reports and customer invoices. It is also the address we will use to communicate with your feedlot.

User Information Page

Fusion must have at least one user account set up to work. The information you enter here will be used to create the first user which will have admin privileges so they can set up other users and groups.

By default, Fusion will copy the operation address to the user address page since this is often the same. Make sure you change it if it is not.

Units Page

Fusion can work with different units depending on the country you are in or what you are comfortable with. Use this page to choose the units you will work in for each type of value in Fusion.

warning icon This is an important page to get right since many of the units cannot be changed later! If you are unsure about the units for an item please ask before moving on.

Synchronization With Trucks Page

Most feedlots have feed trucks which need to communicate with Fusion Server. However, it is possible to tell Fusion Server to not listen to feed trucks if you don't have any. This page lets you set this communication up.

These two settings can be changed in later in the Preferences window.

Finished Page

When you get to this page you are nearly finished with the First Launch Assistant window. All you need to do is enter the launch code and click the Proceed button. If for some reason you are not ready to proceed, you can click the Quit button instead. However, the next time you launch Fusion Client you will need to go through this assistant again.

Fusion Setup Assistant Window

After you are finished with the First Launch Assistant window, Fusion will get a license key from the internet and then automatically log you in as the user you just created. You will see the Task Bar window as normal, but Fusion will also open the Fusion Setup Assistant window for you. From now on, each time you log on with Fusion Client in an office computer, the Fusion Setup Assistant window will automatically be opened to help you prepare to start using Fusion. This will continue until you transition. See the Fusion Setup Assistant Window topic for more information.

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