HUD List

A HUD (Heads Up Display) window is a window used during a chuteside job to show status information about the animal or the job. When you define a job you also specify which HUDs will be shown during the job. You can create your own HUD windows and customize them in any way you want. This window lists all the HUD windows and allows you to create and edit them.

SSG Built In HUDs

Fusion comes with some HUD windows built in. These will show in the list in boldface. You cannot delete or edit these, but you can duplicate them and then edit the duplicates.

Using This Window

Click the + button to create a new HUD window. Click the - button to delete a HUD window. Use the gear button to duplicate a HUD window.

If you delete a HUD window that is associated with a chuteside job, the job will just ignore it the next time it is run.

Getting Here

You can open this window by choosing Options → Edit HUDs from the Job Definitions List window.

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