Users List Window

This window is where all users accounts for the system are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Users → List Users.

List Description

A user is someone who has the ability to log in to Fusion to use it. You should create seperate users for each employee who will be using Fusion as well as for anyone else you want to be able to access Fusion. This might include a nutritionist or vet. It is important for everyone to have their own user account for two reasons. First, Fusion tracks who did what based on the user logged in at the time. Second, Fusion can be set up to restrict access to certain functionality based on group permissions for the group a user belongs to.

Field Display Speed Description
User Name Normal The name of the user. This will be used for logging into Fusion and will show up in lists for who did what.
Contact Name Normal The user can be associated with a contact record. We highly recommend this as it give you a way to tie a user to a real person along with their phone number, email address, etc.
Contact Phone Normal The user's contact phone number.
Is Current Normal Will be "Yes" if the user is current. If the user is not current, they will not be able to log into Fusion anymore, but their history will still be available. (Users should not be deleted when they leave your feedlot.)
Permissions Group Normal Each user is assigned a group which is noted here. Groups are set up in Fusion to have certain permissions. So you can restrict what a user can see and do in Fusion based on the group you assign them to.
Receive System Messages Normal When something critical goes wrong with Fusion, it will send an internal message to all users where this field is a "Yes". At least one person who is involved in the day to day operation should be assigned to receive system messages so they can be dealt with in a timely manner.
Can Accept License Agreements Normal When a new version of Fusion is installed, Fusion Client cannot be used until the license agreement is accepted. Any user who has a "Yes" in this field is allowed to do this. If users without this designation want to use Fusion before someone has accepted the license agreement, they will have to wait.
Debug Admin Access Level Normal The Debug Admin Window exposes certain functionality that can be used during troubleshooting. It is normally only used under direction from someone from SSG Fusion. You can determine whether each user can access this window and what level of functionality they can access. This field shows their access level which can be one of the following:

No Access: the user will not be allowed to use this window.

Restricted Access: the user will be able to access some basic, non-harmful functionality in the window.

Full Access: the user will be able to access all the functionality of this window, some of which has the potential to be harmful to your data if used incorrectly.

In most cases we recommend leaving user's access to No Access.
Contact Physical Address Not Tested This the user's contact address.
Contact Email Address Not Tested This is the user's email address.
Urgent Message Address Normal This is a special email address that can be used to send a text to the user's cell phone. Many cellular companies will provide such an email address so that if an email is sent ot the address, the cell company will turn it into a text to be sent to the user's cell phone.

If an address is in this field, when an urgent message is sent to the user Fusion will also try to send a text message via this address. This can be especially helpful when you need to get a message to a user who may not be near a computer or who are in a feed truck and wouldn't normally get the message until the next time they did a full sync.

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