Computers Window

Fusion keeps track of each time someone logs into the system as well as when crashes occur. This window can be used for two purposes. First, you can figure out when someone logged in and logged out of Fusion. Second, you can get an idea of how often crashes occur and if there is a patter related to a certain computer.


This list shows a list of all computers that Fusion has been installed on at your feedlot. You can narrow down the list of computers using the constraint fields above the list.

Most of the list columns are self-explanatory, but two are worth mentioning:

When you select a computer (or computers) in this list, their launch history will be shown in the next list.

Launch History (for selected computers)

This list shows each time Fusion was launched for the selected computers. You can filter the list further using the constraint fields above the list.

When you select one or more launches, the log in history that occurred during those launches will be shown in the list below.

Login History (for selected launches)

This list simply shows a record of each person that logged in, when Fusion last checked in while they were logged in, and when they logged out.

Crash Report (for selected launch history)

When Fusion is launched, it tried to detect if it must have crashed the last time it was running. If it was, it asks the user to fill in a simple crash report. If they are willing to do this, it is helpful when looking for patterns later on. When a Launch History record with a Crashed status is selected, the crash report the user entered will be shown here.

If you would like to add additional information about the crash, click the + button. You will be asked to enter more information which will be saved with the crash report.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Utilities → Computers.