Inventory Queue Window

This window has two purposes. First, it can show you how many items are currently in the inventory queue. Second, you can use it to force Fusion to recalculate the inventory levels for selected items for a certain time period. See the Inventory section of Core Concepts for more information about the queue and when you might want to do this.

Queue Count

Forcing Recalculation

You can select one or more items in the Commodity, Drug, and Input lists. Alt-Click (Option-Click on Mac) a checkbox to turn all the checkboxes in a list on or off.

When you have set the above up, click the Ask Server To Recalculate For Selected Items button. Within a few seconds you should see the items added to the queue count and the server will begin working on them. This can take some time if there a lot of recalculating to do. You don't need to keep the window open and there is no way to cancel the request once it is sent.

warning icon As mentioned in Core Concepts, you should rarely need to force Fusion to recalculate inventory levels. If you need to do this very often, please contact us as this means their is either a bug or someone is doing something incorrectly.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Utilities → Inventory Queue.

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