Pen Dimension Conversion Utility Window

When Fusion was originally created, there was no provision to record the dimensions of a pen and its bunk. At one point we added the ability to track the pen and bunk density for animals which, of course, is based on pen dimensions. We added fields to the Pen Edit window to record the pen dimensions, but also provided this utility to be used by existing customers to quickly enter all their pen dimensions at once. Fusion then stores the pen dimensions with each pen and calculates historical density information all in one fell swoop.

warning icon This utility is meant to be used only once! You should use it upon converting to the version of Fusion which tracks density information. New customers should not use this utility.

To enter your pen dimensions, Double-Click in the Length, Width, and Bunk Length columns to change a value. You can tab from cell to cell as you enter the data.

warning icon Make sure you notice the units Fusion expects for each length. Bunk length is typically in a different unit than pen length and width!

When you have finished entering the dimensions for all pens (you should do all of them, not just some of them), click the Begin Processing button. The processing can take quite a bit of time, so we recommend doing this at the end of the day and allowing Fusion to process while you go home.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Utilities → Pen Dimensions Conversion Utility.