Scale Indicator Window

This window is used by the scale system to show you the weight on the truck or on the squeeze. Fusion communicates directly with the scale system and applies its own offsets for zeroing and other functionality to make your job easier. The way this window looks and works will depend on the mode it is in and the way you have set up the scale system in the Physical Computer Management window.

General Layout

The weight is normally shown as a large number toward the right side of the window. In some modes, Fusion will also display a smaller number in the upper left of the window. For example, when adding ingredient to a load, Fusion will display the actual weight on the truck in the upper left and use the large number to show how much more of the ingredient you need to add.

Below the weight numbers is some status information. The Scale Head message shows information relative to Fusion's connection to the scale system. If there is only one scale indicator, Fusion will just show the connection status (Connected or Not Connected). If there are multiple scale indicators, this will show the name of the scale head that is current or Not Connected if the current one isn't connected. The Remote Display message shows information about the connection to the remote display. The Mode message shows what mode the scale system is in right now (this is usually managed automatically by Fusion). The Unit message shows what unit the scale is displaying the weights in.

In the left part of the window there is a blue info button. You can click this to access additional functionality which is explained next. Some functionality is only available in certain situations.

Resizing the Window

You can resize the window by dragging the corner just like with any other window. The window size will be remembered the next time it is opened on the computer. If you have trouble resizing it, remember the Reset Window Size and Position function explained above.

Changing the Current Scale Head

If you have multiple scale heads connected, you can touch the weight area in the window to change the scale head. In the normal course of loading, this should not be necessary as the interface in other areas will give you the chance to switch to the correct scale head as well as properly zeroing the scale, but changing it here can be helpful during setup and testing.


Disconnected Mode

If Fusion gets disconnected from the device, Fusion will show that it is not connected and the Reconnect To Device button will appear. Click this button to try to reconnect to the scale system and continue on where you left off.

Idle Mode

If you put the scale system in this mode, the window will show IDLE in the display. No weights will be shown. This mode is usually only used when setting the device up.

Simple Mode

In this mode shows the weight on the scale. There will also be a Zero button which can be used to zero the weight. This mode is usually only used when setting the device up.

Animal Mode

This mode is used during a chuteside job. It shows the weight on the scale and has a Zero button which can be used to zero the scale.

Weigh Mode

This mode can be used when using Fusion Truck as a dumb scale indicator before transition. It shows both the net and gross weights and has buttons for switching between net and gross. It also has a button to zero the scale.

Truck Mode

This mode is used automatically by Fusion when feeding in the truck. The smaller number always shows the actual weight on the truck. The larger number may show the same weight or a weight for an individual ingredient or delivery, depending on what is happening at the moment. When showing the latter, Fusion uses offsets so that you are always trying to stop when the bigger number gets to zero.

In certain situations, this mode may also show a Hold and/or Compensate For Drift button. These are not normally recommended. See the Scale Indicator section of Preferences Window for more information.

Raw Mode

If you set the scale system in Raw mode, the Scale Indicator window will show the actual values coming from the scale head. This mode should only be used by a technician setting up a device.

Getting Here

This window usually opens automatically when needed. You can force it to open as explained in the Scale System topic.

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