Sync Activity Window

Fusion keeps track of every sync attempt that Fusion Server is aware of. If you are trouble-shooting syncing issues, this window, which shows information for these attempts, may be helpful.

The window shows sync activity for one day at a time. Enter the date you want to look at in the Show Sync Activity For This Date field. The list will be updated.

If you believe more sync activity has occurred since you opened the window, click the Refresh button to have Fusion update the list.

Let's look at each of the columns in the list.

To get a log of what happened during the sync from the server's perspective, Double-Click and row in the list. A window showing the activity log will be shown. This information is normally used by us when troubleshooting an issue and may have little meaning to you.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Utilities → Sync Activity.