Sync Machines Window

If a truck driver only uses push syncs, Fusion Server will get the truck's data, but the truck will not be aware of anything new including pen movements. If your trucks typically only use push syncs and you need to get them to do a full sync, you can use this window to make that happen.

tip icon In past versions of Fusion a full sync took much longer than a push sync which is why the choice was given. This is seldom the case any more—both kinds of syncing are usually very fast—so we usually recommend only using full syncs. If you do that, this window will not be necessary.

List of Sync Machines

The list shows helpful information about each truck including the time of the last sync and the type of sync it was. The purple columns show whether a sync request is pending or not.

Sync Requests

To send a sync request to one or more computers, first select them in the list. You can use the Select All and Select None buttons to select all trucks or de-select all trucks if you are on a touch screen. Then click the Change Sync Request button and choose from one of the following options:

Once a request has been sent to a truck, it will be cleared from this list so it isn't sent again.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Admin → Utilities → Sync Machines or Fusion Chuteside Main Menu → Options → Sync Machines.