Truck Movement Analysis Window

If you have a GPS device attached to your feed truck, you may find it helpful to get an idea of how much time and distance the truck spends in different states. Knowing this may help you find ways of feeding in a more efficient manner. With a date and truck selected in the Truck Activity Playback window, you can ask Fusion to analyze the day and the results will be shown in this window.

tip icon You can have several of these windows open at the same time for comparison purposes.

The window is divided into two sides. The left side shows information based on the entire day (as long as someone was logged in), no matter where the truck was. The right side shows a narrower view of the day by only accounting for time when the truck was near the selected pen. This generally equates to the time spend delivering feed, although you need to be aware that it might pick up other situations such as when the driver has a pen selected and the truck simply drives by it on the way to make another load of feed.

Left Side—Entire Day

Idle vs Moving Time

This graph and the information below it show how much time was spent with the truck moving (GPS speed > 0 km/h) and how much time was spent not moving. You can see the total time in each state (hh:mm:ss format) and percentage as well. The total row also shows the total distance the truck moved during the day. This is based on data from the GPS device and includes both forward and backward movement, so it may not line up exactly with the truck odometer reading. However, with a good GPS device it should be close enough to be informative.

Delivering vs Not Delivering

This graph shows the difference in time spend beside the selected pen and any other time. This should give a general idea of how much time is spent actually delivering feed to pens. The fields below this graph show the same information.


The next section on the left side shows the average and maximum speed as reported by the GPS device throughout the day. This includes all time whether beside the selected pen or not.


The final section on the left side shows a list of all users who logged in to this truck during the day that is being analyzed.

Right Side—Near Selected Pen

Time Beside Pen Breakdown

This graph (and the data below it) shows a breakdown of how the time beside the selected pen was spent: how much was idle or not moving, how much was spent moving forward, and how much was spent moving backward.

Forward vs Backward Distance

This graph is similar to the last one, but shows the distance traveled both forward and backward while delivering feed.

Backwards Count

This section on the right side shows how many times the truck changed from moving forward to moving backward while near the selected pen. It also shows this as a percentage of feed deliveries which is actually calculated based on the number of times Record Weight was hit.


The final section shows the average and maximum speed of the truck during the time it was beside the selected pen. Keep in mind what was mentioned above: there are situations where Fusion knows it is beside the selected pen, but the driver is not really stopping to deliver feed at that moment.

warning icon Please note that all the information in this window is calculated based on the mapping currently in use. If you are looking at historical data where pens have physically moved, Fusion's ability to calculate whether the truck is near the selected pen may be compromised if the current mapping is not correct in that regard.

Getting Here

You can open this window by choosing the Truck Movement Analysis option from the gear button in the Truck Activity Playback window.

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