Advanced Print Center Window

This window collects often printed advanced print reports from different areas of Fusion into one place. If you turn on the Include In Advanced Print Center Window option in the Advanced Print Definition window for a report, it will be added to the list in this window.

The list of reports shows both the report label and the name of the list the report will print from to help make sure you are choosing the correct report. You can use the search field at the top to filter the list based on the report label.

To run a report, first select it in the list. If you know there are saved variables that are associated with it in some way, click the Get Variables button. Fusion will figure out what variables apply and list them. If you want to change any variables before running the report, select them and change their values below the Associated Variables list (see Saved Variables Window).

Now click the Send To Printer…, Send To File…, or Send To Clipboard button, depending on where you want Fusion to send the report. These work the same as in the Advanced Print window (see Advanced Print Window). Fusion will then use the saved search associated with the report definition to figure out what records to print. Then it will sort them according to the saved sort associated with the report definition.

tip icon If Fusion thinks there might be too many records involved in the report, it will warn you and ask whether you want to proceed. Often when this happens, no one has associated a saved search with the report definition or it has been set up incorrectly. See Advanced Print Definition Window to learn how to associate saved searches and sorts with a report for this window.

With a report selected, you can Double-Click it or click the Edit Report Definition button to edit the report's definition. You can also click the Open List Window to have Fusion open the associated list's window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Office → Utilities → Advanced Print Center.

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