Entity Chooser

The entity chooser is a group of fields that work together and are very similar when used in different windows. Their purpose it to select an entity or group of animals for Fusion to work with. This always means that you will tell Fusion the pen the animals are in and a count. You may also need to identify the lot and you can link individual animals to the entity if you know who they are. The following shows an example of the entity chooser fields as they appear in the Move Animals window. Note that the fields may look slightly different on a touch screen vs a normal screen.

Entity Chooser Fieldset

When you first enter (or tap) an entity chooser field, you will see a window similar to the following:

Entity Chooser Fieldset

You first tell Fusion the location the animals are in. Usually Fusion will have defaulted to the correct location to start with. You will then need to specify the pen the animals are in. After you have selected the pen (and tabbed out if not on a touch screen) Fusion will decide if it also needs to know the lot. If it does, the Lot field will appear and you will need to enter the lot. Again, after you have tabbed out of the Lot field Fusion will determine if a sublot is necessary. If so, the Sublot field will be displayed. Once all the necessary fields to describe the entity are filled it, click the OK button. (If not on a touchscreen you can tab to the OK button and press the Spacebar key.

Once the entity is chosen, you need to specify the count involved. You can enter this directly or click the All Animals button to have Fusion figure out how many animals are in the entity. If you try to enter more animals than Fusion thinks are in the entity, it will change the count to the number of animals in the entity.

You can optionally link individual animals to an entity. Entities by themselves only refer to counts of animals. For example, during a pen move you can specify that 10 animals from a certain pen and lot are being moved. During the move, Fusion simply adjusts the headcount in each pen/lot combination affected without any knowledge of which individual animals were affected. When this happens, the pen an individual animal thinks it is associated with (in the Animal List window will not update and be incorrect. If you link individual animals to an entity, then Fusion can update the information for the animals themselves. (See the Animals and Linking section of the Core Concepts topic for more information.)

To link animals, click the Linked Animals button. You will be given several options to choose from.

You can link a few animals and then link a few more. In fact, you can link a few animals using each method if it made sense. Fusion will keep track of which animals you link or unlink as you work with the entity. Once you save the main window, the linked animals will be committed to the entity.

tip icon The number of linked animals does not have to be the same as the entity count. In normal circumstances it would be, but Fusion doesn't force this to be so that you can fix mistakes.