Connecting To Fusion Server

Connecting From Fusion Client

Fusion Client requires a constant connection to Fusion Server to operate. The first time Fusion Client is launched on a computer it tries to find Fusion Server on the network. As long as the server and client are on the same subnet this usually work automatically.

If the connection cannot be made automatically, Fusion Client will show an error. Once the error message is dismissed you will see a window similar to this one:

Task Bar

Occasionally if you wait a few moments, the server will show up in the Available tab's list. If it does, select it and click the OK button to connect to the server. Most of the time, though, you will need to select the Custom tab and enter the database name and IP address as shown here:

Task Bar

In the Database Name field enter Fusion or Fusion Server. Either will work. In the Network Address field, enter the IP address of the server. This can be found on the Task Bar window in Fusion Server. It is in green.

After entering this information, click the OK button to connect to the server. Fusion Client will remember the last IP address it successfully connected on so you should only have to enter this information once.

tip icon If you hold the Alt (Option on Mac) key down quickly after launching Fusion Client, the above window will open. This is useful if you know you need to change the IP address and don't want Fusion Client to spend time looking for the server and showing the error dialog.

Connection From Fusion Truck

Fusion Truck only needs to connect to the server for a few seconds during a sync. At any other time it can operate just fine without a network connection or even having the server running.

The first time you launch Fusion Truck on a computer, the Full Sync window will appear. Fusion will try to automatically find the server which should work if the server is on the same subnet and Fusion Server is running and has been set up to listen for trucks trying to sync. If this doesn't work, you can also enter the IP address directly. Please see the Full Sync Window topic for more information.