Fusion Server

Fusion Server is the heart of the Fusion system. It runs on a computer by itself (usually referred to as the server) and is where all the data is physically stored. It is seldom necessary to concern yourself with Fusion Server as it is designed to continually run without user intervention.

Fusion Server must be running for Fusion Client to work. Fusion Truck will work without Fusion Server running for a time, but it will not be able to sync until Fusion Server is running again.

Except in rare cases, it is best that you don't mess with Fusion Server. The wrong settings can cause issues with performance and data integrity. Even if you are an IT person, please don't play with the settings except under the direction of someone from SSG Fusion. Instead, give us a call and we will either log in and take care of the issue ourselves or give you step-by-step directions to follow.

Task Bar Window

If you do need work on the server, knowing what the options on the Task Bar window will be helpful.

Task Bar

The top portion of the Task Bar window shows helpful information related to the server. At the top you will see the version of Fusion Server that is running. Below that, the IP address of the server is shown in green. This is the IP address that Fusion Truck needs to know in order to sync and which is entered in the Full Sync window. It is also needed if Fusion Client cannot connect automatically for some reason. Below the IP address the name of the feedlot the server is licensed to is shown.

The buttons on the window are described below:

Server Admin Window

This window is not documented as it should only be used by or under the direction of SSG Fusion staff.

Server Setup

Information about how to set a server computer up is available in the Fusion Resource Guide. If you are an IT person it will be critical that you set the computer up as outlined in this guide.