Advanced Print Window

When you open this window, you will see a list of saved reports on the left hand side (if no reports have been created yet, the list will be empty). To run a report, select it in the list, make sure the setup options to the right are correct, and then click one of the buttons to run the report.

Setup Options

tip icon Most of the above settings can be pre-defined in each report definition so you don't have to change them each time you run the report.

Run Report Options

Report Notes

When you create a report definition, there is a place to enter some notes. These notes will show up in this area when you select the report. It is common to detail what the report is used for and how to set the list up to to make the report work. For example, you may need to sort the list a certain way for the report to print properly and this area can be used to remind the person running the report of this.

Saved Report List

You may notice that some reports are in bold in the report list. These are reports that are designated as parent reports which are more commonly used. The other reports are inline reports and less commonly used from this window.

If you make this window wider or scroll the report list, you will see some additional information about each saved report including how many times it has been used and when it was last used. This information can be helpful if you are trying to get rid of never used reports. (You can also click the gear button and choose Expand List to temporarily have the list fill the entire window. Click the gear button again and choose Contract List to bring it back to its original size.)

To create a new report, click the + button and the Advanced Print Definition window will be opened. See the Advanced Print Definition Window topic for more information on defining a new report.

To remove a report, select it and click the - button. To edit a report, either Double-Click it in the list or select it and choose Edit Report from the gear button.

If you want to create a report that is similar to another report, it may be easier to select it and choose Duplicate Report from the gear button. You can then modify the duplicated report as needed.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the Advanced Print menu button or by choosing gear → Advanced Print… in any list window.

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