Advanced Sort Window

To quickly sort a list by a column, clicking a column header is usually sufficient. However, you can performed more complex sorting using this window.

The Sort By list shows what fields Fusion will sort on. For each field, you specify an direction of the sort. When Fusion performs the sort, it will first sort on the first field in the list, then the second, and so on for however many fields you have added to this list.

To add a new sort field, click the + button. You can then choose the field to sort on and the sort direction on the right. The Forward direction sorts alphabetically (A-Z) so that A would come before Z. The Reverse direction does the opposite. You can add as many sort fields as you want.

To remove a sort field, select it and click the - button. You can also click the Clear All Fields button to start from fresh.

When you are finished, click the Sort button to perform the sort.

Saved Sorts

If you find you are using the same advanced sort over and over, you can save it as a saved sort. To do this, click the Saved Sorts… button and choose one of these options:

tip icon The interface for this window changes when it is opened on a touch screen computer so that it is easy to use all the functionality this window provides in a touch screen environment.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the Advanced Sort menu button or by choosing gear → Advanced Sort → Open Window in any list window.

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