Advanced View Window

This window can be used to change the look of the list including deciding which columns will be displayed. On the left are columns that you can add to the list. In the middle are the columns already in the list.

You'll notice that Fusion shows you the relative speed of each column. Most columns are Normal which means they can get data from the server and display it very quickly. A few columns are labeled as Slow, Very Slow, and even Extremely Slow. Only use these columns when you really need them as they can take longer to display.

To add new columns to the list, drag them from the list on the left to the list in the middle. You can drop them into whichever position you like. To remove a column, select it in the middle list and click the - button. To rearrange the order of the columns, click and drag them in the middle list.

At the top on the right are the attributes for the entire list:

The rest of the right side is for setting attributes for the selected column's header or column. This includes the font, size, style, coloring, etc. You can even change the header label and you can enter multiple lines for the label. This allows you to to have very readable labels while keeping the column width narrower.

When you are done changing the advanced view click the View button to see what it looks like. If you need to make further modifications, simply open this window again and continue to make changes. Note that if you resize or reorder columns in the list itself, when you open this window again your changes will be reflected there. This is especially useful for column widths as it is easier to set it visually then enter a number of pixels in most cases.

Saved Views

If you find you are using the same view over and over, you can save it as a saved view. To do this, click the Saved Views… button and choose one of these options:

warning icon When you save a view, the header labels are saved as is. If a future version of Fusion changes the default labels for any column, you will not see those if a saved view is being used. This includes views that are set as the default for a user or globally.

Getting Here

You can open this window by choosing gear → Advanced View → Open Window in any list window.

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