Saved Variables Window

This window is where you can create saved variables and change their values. See the Saved Variables section of the Core Concepts topic to learn more about saved variables.

To create a new variable, click the + button. A menu will pop up where you can choose the type you want the variable to be. A variable's type cannot be changed later on. After you have chosen the type, the variable will be created and added to the list. To the right of the list you can change its name and enter a value.

For many variables you will enter a value directly. For date variables, you also have the option to choose a relative date. To do this, click the lower radio button and then choose a relative date from the drop down menu. A paragraph showing how Fusion would calculate the relative date if it was done today is shows below the drop down menu so you can make sure you are choosing the correct value.

You can also enter a note about the variable to remind you of how it is used.

To change the value of a variable in this window, select it in the list and then change the value to the right. Remember that when you change the value of a variable, anyone else using the variable will see the new value.

You can delete a variable by selecting it and clicking the - button.

If you have a lot of variables in the list, you can filter them by name and type. To filter by name, start typing any part of the name in the search field and the list will reduce as you type. To filter by type, choose a type from the Show Variables of This Type drop down.

If you suspect someone else may have added or changed variables on another computer, you can click the Refresh List button to ask Fusion to update the entire list based on what it currently on the server.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Office → Utilities → Saved Variables.

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