Upgrading Fusion

We normally release new versions of Fusion a few times each year. To make things simple, we have developed a system where Fusion automatically upgrades itself within a week or two of a new release.

warning icon Occasionally you will need to follow special instructions to upgrade to certain versions. If there are any such instructions they will be noted in the email announcing the new version and in the release notes which you can view before upgrading.

The Upgrade Process

When a new version is released, we notify everyone on our customer email list (see SSG Email List to learn how to subscribe). You don't need to do anything at this point. Your server will automatically download all related install files in preparation for the upgrade. At some point within the next couple weeks or so, you will get a message letting you know that Fusion plans to upgrade itself the following night. You can delay the upgrade if you want, but we recommend allowing the upgrade to go ahead.

Fusion Server will upgrade itself during the night. It automatically does a backup just before the upgrade. When you come in the morning, the new version of Fusion Server will be running. At this point, any time someone launches an old version of Fusion Client it will update itself. When an old version of Fusion Truck is launched, if it can see the network, it will also update itself. Otherwise, it will update itself the next time you try to sync.

warning icon When Fusion Client and Fusion Truck are updating themselves, there is moment in the process where you may be seeing the Desktop for several seconds and it will appear that nothing is happening. Don't try to launch Fusion again! If you do, the installation will fail and you will have to manually upgrade using Fusion Installer. Instead, be patient and allow the upgrade to finish on its own.

Upgrade Status Window

You can always see the upgrade status by opening the Upgrade Status window (Fusion Admin → Utilities → Upgrade Status). This window will let you know what is happening with an upgrade and, depending on the circumstances, give you options concerning a pending upgrade.

Upgrade Logging

The Debug Admin window (Fusion Admin → Utilities → Debug Admin Window) has a section labeled Upgrade Logging which keeps track of everything related to upgrades. This includes messages that were sent regarding an upgrade, who clicked the button allowing the upgrade, etc.

If Upgrading Fails

In most cases the process described above works well. However, if Fusion Client or Fusion Truck fail to upgrade properly, you can use Fusion Installer to manually upgrade that computer. For more information, we refer you to the Fusion Resource Guide. See the sections titled Upgrading Fusion and Fusion Installer.

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