Animals In Treatment Window

This window can be used to show you all animal that are currently being treated. It can also show you whether they have been treated yet today so you can see if any have been missed.

The first step is to decide which animals to show:

As you make changes to the above fields, Fusion will update the Animals Currently In Treatment and Animals Treated Today (of above) fields. If these values match, the treating is done for the day. The list below these values is also updated. This list shows each pen animals are in as well as the counts in pen for how many are in treatment and how many in that pen were not treated yet.

The pen number shown here is based on the pen Fusion thinks the individual animal is in (see the Animals and Linking section of Core Concepts). One of the side affects of this is that it is possible for an individual animal to have a blank Current Pen field. If this happens, Fusion will add a line to this list where the pen is <no pen> so these animals will show up in the list.

When you select a pen in this list, the list to the right will show the individual animals in the pen. Above this list are two fields that affect how this list is displayed:

If you want to look at an animal's history, either Double-Click it in the list or select it and click the View History button. If you see an animal that shouldn't be treated anymore, you can select it and click the Force Out of Treatment button. Fusion will then stop its treatment protocol and assume you are finished treating for that diagnosis.

Click the Done button when you are finished with this window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Chuteside → Animals → Animals In Treatment or Fusion Chuteside Main Menu → Animals In Treatment.