Bulk Edit Window

This window makes is easy to apply the same changes to multiple animals very quickly. Note that the Animal Grid Edit window is usually better suited for quickly making changes for many animals and allows you to edit more fields than this window does. However, the Bulk Edit window is useful because it focuses on fields that sometimes need to be changed with more intelligence than just copying the same value. For example, it can be used to automatically prepend a string of characters to a custom ID or change the home pen of many animals to their lot's home pen, even if you have selected animals from different lots.

Changing Fields

To change a field, make sure the checkbox next to it is checked. You can change more than one field at a time.

Following is an explanation about how each field can be changed:

Saving Changes

After clicking the Make Changes button, Fusion will cycle through the selected animals applying the changes and making any necessary related changes. This process cannot be undone.

If any changes have been made that would result in a lot's billing changing, the lot will not be updated until the closeout information is regenerated either manually or automatically at midnight.

Getting Here

You can open this window by choosing Modify → Bulk Update… from the Animal List window.

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