Grid Edit Window

This window is used to quickly edit animal fields in a grid or spreadsheet like interface. It can be useful if you have to enter or change the same information for a number of animals at once and it has to be done manually.

Deciding What To Edit

When you first choose the Grid Edit option in the Animal List window, you will see a window where you can set the grid up. The grid will always show an animal's ID in the left hand column so you know which animal you are editing for. Choose which ID you want to show in this column (which will not be editable) by selecting it in the ID Field To Display field.

You then choose the field(s) you want to edit by turning on the Edit checkbox next to each field. Only the fields you select here will be included in the grid.

When you are finished, click the OK button to continue. (If you have changed your mind, click the Cancel button.)

Editing With the Grid

Fusion will now show the grid with a line for each of the animals selected in the Animal List window. As mentioned above, the left most column is to identify the animal and is not enterable. Double-Click any other cell to change its contents. You can also use the Tab key to move to the next cell and Shift-Tab to move to the previous cell. When you tab from the last cell in a row, Fusion will automatically move to the first cell in the next row.

As you enter information in a cell, Fusion will work the same way as the field normally would in a window. For example, if you are in a date cell, you can use date field shortcuts.

One very useful feature for when you are entering the same value for many animals is the ability to copy a value to cells above or below the current one. To do this, enter the correct value in a cell and then Right-Click the cell and choose one of the following options:

Saving Changes

When you are finished editing, click the Save Changes button to save this information for each animal. If you change your mind, click the Cancel button instead.

Getting Here

You can open this window by choosing Modify → Grid Edit… from the Animal List window.

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