Diagnosis Events List Window

This window is where all the diagnosis events are listed. An event is created each time you diagnose an animal during a job.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Chuteside → Events → List Diagnosis Events.

List Description

Each time an animal is given a new diagnosis during a treatment subjob, a record is created in this list. As it is treated for the condition, information in this list is updated. From here you can figure out how often certain conditions occur, how often a suggested treatment protocol is deviated from, and other similar information.

Field Display Speed Description
Diagnosis Normal The name of the diagnosis.
Diagnosis Date Normal The date the diagnosis was made.
Last Treatment Date Normal The last date an associated treatment occured. Note that this date is only filled in when the animal has finished the treatement. This means that you can search this field for diagnosis events that don't have a last treatment date to find all diagnoses that are currently active.
Treatment Day Count Normal This is the number of days in the treatment protocol. Note that this field will remain zero until the animal is finished the treatment. Then it will be calculated. So it reflects the actual number of treatment days, even if the suggested protocol was deviated from.
Was Terminated Early Normal This field will be "Yes" if the treatment was stopped earlier than the protocol called for.
Default Protocol Normal This is the treatment protocol that Fusion suggested as a default when the animal was first diagnosed. If Fusion didn't have enough information to properly suggest a protocol, this field will be blank.
Deviated From Default Protocol Normal "Yes" if the user changed the treatment protocol to something other than the default. (If Fusion could not suggest a proper treatment protocol based on lack of information, this field will also be "No".)
Initial Protocol Very Slow This shows the initial protocol chosen at the time of diagnosis which may be the one Fusion suggested or a different one if the user overrode it.
Deviated From Initial Protocol Normal Will be "Yes" if the user changed the treatment protocol from the initial one later on in the treatment.
Pull Number Normal This will be the pull number associated with the diagnosis. See the definition for Relapse Days in the Diagnosis Defintion list for more information on how this is calculated.
User Normal The user who made the diagnosis.
Lot Normal The lot the animal belonged to when it was diagnosed.
Location Normal The location the animal belonged to when it was diagnosed.
RFID Normal The diagnosed animal's current RFID number.
Lot Sick Tag Normal The diagnosed animal's current first custom ID.
Weight Tag Normal The diagnosed animal's current second custom ID.
Color Tag Normal The diagnosed animal's current third custom ID.
Salvage Tag Normal The diagnosed animal's current fourth custom ID.
Buyer Normal The diagnosed animal's current fifth custom ID.

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