During the Job

During a job, there are a number of windows that work together, each with different functionality. Each of these windows is covered here.

Job Controller Window

This window is the one that controls the overall job. It is the one with the Next and Skip buttons on it and which shows the count of animals in the job. If you are using the RFID reader to auto advance to the next animal, you will not need to use the Next button. If not, use the Next button to advance to the next animal. If you are in a virtual job, you will not be able to add more animals than were originally selected. Use the Skip button to skip or unskip an entire animal. Skipped animals are treated as if they never entered the chute during the job.

This window also has a gear button which has many options. Note that some of these options only show up in certain situations.

Subjobs List Window

This window shows a list of all the active, non-hidden subjobs currently in play. The list may change for each animal and even while an animal is in the chute as Fusion gets more information, placing the animal in different sort groups. The normal subjobs will be listed first and then the subjobs from active sort groups and added on the fly subjobs will be listed next with different colored backgrounds.

You can ask Fusion to skip a subjob by clicking in the Skip column. Fusion will treat the animal as if that subjob did not exist. You can also add subjobs on the fly by clicking the Add Subjob button and choosing a subjob.

Jobs can be created where there are a number of hidden subjobs. If you want to temporarily see these, use the gear button to either show or hide these subjobs. If hidden subjobs are being shown, Fusion will automatically go back to hiding them when you move to another animal.

Subjob Detail Window

This window shows information regarding the currently selected subjob and is where you can make changes if you need to. Following is a list of subjob types that can be selected and the options that will be available:

Identify Animal Subjob

This subjob is used to let Fusion know what animal is in the chute. Normally Fusion will already know from the RFID tag it has read (or will assume it is a new animal). But you can use this subjob to query for a specific animal. To do this, choose the ID type and enter the ID value and click Query. If this results in more than one animal, you may want to filter the results based on lot and/or pen. To do this, check the Use Lot/Pen In Query checkbox and select a lot and pen. When you click Query again, Fusion will only look for the ID within the specified lot/pen. For a new animal, you can use the Lot and Pen fields to tell Fusion what where you want the animal to start out as.

You can use the buttons at the bottom to ask Fusion to check the RFID reader again to look for a different animal and to stop listening for a new animal. Fusion is always listening for new animals, but when these buttons are used it will assume that the next tag it reads is meant for this animal and won't create a new event in the job.

Get Weight Subjob

You can enter a weight manually, if necessary. You can also click the Get Weight Again button to ask Fusion to re-evaluate the scale for a new weight.

Get Temp Subjob

You can enter a temperature manually, if necessary. You can also click the Get Temperature Again button to ask Fusion to get another temp for the animal.

Get Lung Score Subjob

This subjob will receive the lung score from a Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope. If necessary, you can enter the lung score manually, but only if the logged in user has the correct permissions.

Age Verify Subjob

You can use the button to ask Fusion to age verify the animal again. You can also use this area to manually enter the age verification information if necessary. If there has been an error during age verifying, the error message will be shown in red. This subjob is mostly only helpful if you have asked Fusion to age verify immediately from the client. If it was just sent to the server, it doesn't make much sense to change anything here.

New RFID Subjob

If an animal is getting a new RFID tag, click the button to scan it in or enter it manually.

Change Custom ID Subjob

Use the field in this window to manually change the custom ID if you want. You can also ask Fusion to revert back to the initially suggested ID.

Change Attributes Subjob

You can change a number of attributes here. When changing the Source field, the window uses several mechanisms to make it fairly easy to select the contact you are interested in quickly. Two in particular are worth mentioning:

Give Drug Subjob

Here you can change the drug and/or amount being applied as well as revert back to the suggested amount.

Give Input Subjob

Here you can change the input and/or amount being applied as well as revert back to the suggested amount. If the input is tracking stats, you can select the stat item.

Treat Subjob

If the animal is not in treatment, you will need to choose a diagnosis. Once you have done this, Fusion will attempt to figure out the best protocol and show you what drugs, if any, are needed to treat with. You can override the protocol using the Protocol/Treatment Schedule button (see Protocol/Treatment Schedule Window). Fusion will recognize animals already in treatment and show what needs to happen for this day in the treatment schedule. You can override anything you like as well as enter a treatment note. You can use the Optional Actions button to stop a treatment early.

tip icon Fusion assumes the scale and other information is settled before you choose a diagnosis. Once you have chosen a diagnosis and Fusion has figured out the default protocol, this will not automatically change if other things (such as the weight) change later in the job. However, you can use the Reevaluate Protocol button to have Fusion figure it out again with any new information.

Relocate Subjob

With this subjob you can tell Fusion where the animal is moving from (if it doesn't already know) and where it is moving to. You can also set the home pen.

Change Slaughter Date Subjob

You can manually set the slaughter date or use the button to have Fusion revert back to the calculated one.

Change Custom Field Subjob

You can manually change a custom field or use the button to revert back to the suggested value.

Change Genetic Test Subjob

You can manually change a genetic test field or use the button to revert back to the suggested value.

Ultrasound Subjob

You can manually enter the ultrasound values.

Flag Subjob

Use the button to dismiss the flag. The subjob will then disappear and not reappear again for this animal.

Scale Indicator Window

The Scale Indicator window shows the weight of the scale. It has a Zero button on it and you can use it to zero the scale periodically as needed.

HUD Windows

You can switch among the different pages of a HUD window in a few different ways. You can click the right and left arrows in the window title area. You can click on the window title and choose from a list of pages. Most pages will also allow you to tap in the center of the page to move to the next page. Only the Running Totals page doesn't allow this because you need to be able to select rows.

Following is a brief description of each page type and how to use it:

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