Job Batches List Window

This window is where all the job batches are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Chuteside → Jobs → List Jobs.

List Description

This list is for all the chuteside jobs that have run in the past or are currently paused or running. Each job has one or more events in it and each event represents an animal entering the chute. When a job is processed at its completion, Fusion makes corresponding records in other areas of Fusion to reflect what happened in the job. For example, a drug event is created for each drug given an animal during the job. Likewise for input events, pen movements, treat events, etc.

Field Display Speed Description
Job ID Normal Fusion gives each job a 4 digit ID which you can use to identify this exact job.
Job Definition Name Normal The name of the job as it came from the job definition that was used. Note that this name stays the same once the job is finalized even if you change the name of the job definition the job started from.
Job Queue Name Normal If the job was placed in the job queue at one point, this will be the queue name it was given.
Job Status Normal The job can be in any of the following states: In Queue, In Process, Paused, Waiting For Review, In Review, Server Is Finalizing, Finalized.
Location Normal The location where the job was performed. All animals in the job must have been from this location.
Actual Animals In Job Normal A count of the non-skipped animals that were in this job. It is updated in real time during a job.
Date Started Normal The date the job was started. This will be the date the job actually started, not when it was set up or placed in the queue.
Time Started Normal The time the job was started. This will be when it was actually started. Note that if the job has not actually started this field will be blank, but a blank time field will look like midnight when it is displayed.
Date Finished Normal The date the job was finalized.
Time Finished Normal The time the job was finalized.
Start User Normal The user who started and set this job up including, possibly, putting it in a job queue.
Ran Job User Normal The user who was logged in when the job first ran.
Finished User Normal The user who reviewed and finalized the job.
Computer Normal The computer where this job was run. Computer can be named in the Physical Computer Management window of the computer.
Default Lot Normal The default lot (if any) for the job. This is the lot that new animals were intially assigned to.
Default Pen Normal The default pen (if any) for the job. This is the pen that new animals were intially assigned to.
Lot Protocol Normal The lot protocol that this job was accomplishing (if any).
Is Virtual Job Normal Lets us know if this job was a virtual job (ie. a job that started with a selection of animals from the Animal list window.)
Job Note Normal The note from the job. You add a note to the job at any time before it is finalized.
Job Audit Trail Normal The audit trail shows a trail of information of the major things that happened during the job.
Entered Emergency Mode Normal If this job ever entered Emergency Chuteside Mode, this field will indicate that.

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