Job Move/In Cohorts Window

When you are finished with a job, Fusion will take a look at all pen movements and new animals and offer to make actual pen movements and in cohorts that reflect what happened in the job for you. This window shows you what will happen and allows you to make certain changes before proceeding.

Pen Movements Tab

Each row shows a lot/pen combination being moved from and the pen being moved to as well as the number of animals in the move. Each row will become a separate move in the List Move Events window. The animals that belong to the move are automatically linked.

You can choose to skip a move. If you do this the actual pen move will not happen, but this does not stop Fusion from assigning the animal itself to the new pen on the animal level. You can quickly ask Fusion to skip or unskip all the moves at once using the buttons below the list. This is helpful if you want to handle the actual pen moves yourself later on or you know that actual pen move were not necessary for some reason.

If you click the Edit Selected button you will see which animals are linked to this move. You can modify this list and the number of animals to move will change accordingly.

Not all of the animals in the job will be included here. The following rules apply:

Finally, note that when the actual move happens, if the count to be moved is more than Fusion thinks exists in the from pen/lot combination, Fusion will adjust the from count accordingly. When this happens all the animals are still linked so there will be more animals linked than included in the actual pen move.

If a row is red it means that the move will result in a pen designated to only have one lot having multiple lots.

In Cohorts Tab

Each row represents an in cohort that can be created from this job. To have this option, the job definition must have been set up to create in cohorts from the job. To be included in an in cohort, the animal must meet these rules:

You can skip creating certain cohorts in a similar fashion to the Pen Movements tab, but you cannot changed the linked animals. This is because these animals have not yet been created.

Any in cohorts created from the job will be given an identifier that includes the job ID. Also, it will be associated with the job so that in the future you can find linked jobs/in cohorts using child windows and inline reports.


When the pen movements and in cohorts are satisfactory, click the Proceed button. At this point Fusion will go ahead with the moves and in cohorts and then finalize the job. You cannot cancel after this.

If, instead, you click the Cancel and Go Back To Job button, you will return to the job where you can do something different.

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