Job Setup Window

This window is used when you are setting up a chuteside job. A job definition defines most of what will happen during a job, but there are always a few things that you want to customize for a particular job. This window is where you do that customization.

There are two places where this window can be used:


On the left hand side is a list of all the options you can change. There are a few, such as General Options, that are part of every job, but most of them deal directly with a particular subjob. For example, many of the subjobs give the option of some attribute being changed during the job setup. When those options are turned on in the job definition, the subjob will be included in this list. When you select any of the options, possible changes are shown to the right. At the top of the right side you will see which subjob the options belong to, even if they are part of a sort group.

To move among the options, either select an option in the list or use the arrow buttons below the list to move to the next or previous option.

When you are done making changes, you can click the Start Job button and the job will begin immediately. If you are not ready to start the job right away, you can click the Add To Queue button. You will the be given the opportunity to name the job. It will then be placed in the queue for the crew to do later. When they start the job, it will begin immediately without showing this window.

warning icon Note that the Default Lot and Default Pen fields are used to define the default lot/pen for new animals. They are not intended to replace a blank lot or pen field for existing animals. Once these fields have been filled with the default values for new animals, the rest of the job logic will take over which may cause these values to change. For example, a sort may change the animal's pen to some other pen than the default pen.

Sorting Gate

If the job has been set up to use an automatic sorting gate, the Sorting Gate option will appear here. You will see the sort gate directions listed as defined in the Physical Computer Management setup window. (If you are setting a job up in the office, you may not be able to set up this part of the job unless you have defined a fake sorting gate with exactly the same directions as where the job will actually be run.) For each sort gate direction, choose the pen or sort group you want linked to it. You don't have to link every sort direction. You also choose which sort direction will be considered the default direction. If an animal belongs to a pen or sort group that is not linked to any sort gate direction, the default direction will be the one the animal is sent to.

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