Job Stats Window

This window is used to show a high level summary of what happened during a chuteside job.

Stats Tab

In this tab Fusion lists several groups of information. Some groups such as General Information, Animal Count, and Timing are shown for every job. Other groups, such as groups that show information for each drug or input that was given, only show up for jobs that included the drug or input.

The Stat Group column shows a label for the group. The Summary column shows a one line summary for that stat group. If you select a stat group, the right hand side of the window will show pertinent details.

Occasionally you will need to have Fusion regenerate the statistical information shown in this window. For example, if you are age verifying without using Symmetry, it is possible that the stats were first calculated when the server still had tags in the age verification queue so you would want to recalculate the stats at a later date. To do this, click the Regenerate Stats button.

If you would like to print a report that shows the same information in this tab, click the Print button.

Events Tab

This tab shows a list of each event (animal) during the job. The list shows them in the order they came into the job with some relevant information such as the animal's weight, whether it was skipped, and whether it was involved in different sort groups.

To see an animal's history, select the event for the animal and click the View Animal's History button. If you would like to delve deeper into an event with the event inspector, either Double-Click an event or select an event and click the View Event Inspector button.

tip icon If you are trying to figure out where something might have gone wrong in a job, using this window in conjunction with the event inspector is the best place to start. This way you can understand what Fusion was seeing during the job.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Double-Clicking a job in the Job Batches List window, or by selecting a job and choosing View → View Job Statistics in the same window.

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