Protocol/Treatment Schedule Window

During a chuteside job, if you are working with a Treat subjob, you will need to choose a diagnosis. From there Fusion will try to choose the best protocol to use based on what it knows about the animal and how you have set up your diagnoses definitions. However, there are cases where Fusion doesn't have enough information to properly choose a protocol or where you want to override it with another protocol. When that happens, you'll click the Protocol/Treatment Schedule button and this window will open.

At the top of the window, Fusion shows the possible criteria that may affect which protocol is chosen. The ones that are important for this diagnosis are shown in red. Under each criteria is a note showing the criteria value for the animal in the chute (if Fusion knows it). Below that are fields where you can change the criteria values.

As you change criteria values, the list of protocols will be filtered to only show the protocols that match the criteria you've entered. This makes it possible to quickly find the protocol you are after. Once you've found it, select it in the list. The treatment schedule (and any instructions) will be shown below the list. If you want to change what day the animal is on in the treatment schedule, you can do that by selecting the correct day in the Treatment Schedule list.

When you are satisfied with the protocol and day number within the protocol, click the OK button. If you change your mind, click the Cancel button.

Getting Here

You can open this window by using the Protocol/Treatment Schedule button in the Treat subjob area during a chuteside job.

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