Protocol Variations Drug List

A diagnosis definition is associated with a number of treatment protocol variations. Each variation may have several drugs to be given during the course of the treatment. This is a list of those drugs. It can only be viewed as a child list.

Field Display Speed Description
Diagnosis Normal The diagnosis this drug is associated with.
Protocol ID Normal The protocol variation this drug is associated with.
View Order Normal The order this drug is in the treatment protocol.
Drug Normal The name of the drug. If blank, Fusion will treat it as an "observe" day (unless other drugs should be given that day).
Start Day Normal The first day this drug is to be introduced in the treatment protocol. Day 1 means the first day the animal was diagnosed. This field will be at least 1.
Treatment Count Normal The number of times this drug should be administered during the treatment protocol. 1 means it will only be given once. This field must at least be 1.
Days Between Treatments Normal If the drug will be given more than once during this treatment protocol, this is the number of days between each treatment. If this field is zero, the drug should be given every day. If it is 1, the drug will be given every other day. And so on.

Parent Lists

This list can be a child window (or inlined report) for the following:

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