Withdrawals Window

To view or get a report of the current withdrawal situation for the feedlot, you can use this window. Fusion will list each pen and lot that have animals with withdrawals based on the set up choices you make. Make sure you understand the principles in the Animals and Linking section of Core Concepts since they affect the information in this window.

warning icon Animals must be assigned a current pen to appear in this report.


Viewing the Report

With these options set up, click the Refresh button to have Fusion generate the withdrawal information. It will then be shown in the main list in the window. Let's look at what each column means.

By default, Fusion will only show pen/lot combinations that have withdrawals to be concerned about. If you would like to see every pen/lot combination, even if it doesn't have a withdrawal, uncheck the Only Show Lots/Pens With Withdrawals option.

Viewing Involved Animals

To see the animals in a pen/lot combination, Double-Click a row in the list or select a row and click the View Animals button. The window will show a list of animals with withdrawals in the pen/lot combination. The list works like other lists (see List Windows) so you can sort and find and print from there. If you want to see the history of an animal, either Double-Click the animal or select it in the list and click the View Animal History button.

When you are finished looking at the list of animals, click the Back To Withdrawals button.

Reporting Options

If you need to get the withdrawal information out of Fusion, you can click the Copy To Clipboard button to copy the information just as it is to the system clipboard. You could then paste it into a spreadsheet, for example.

You can also print the information by clicking the Print button.

When you are finished with the window, click the Done button to close it.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Chuteside → Utility → Withdrawals or Fusion Office → Yard Reports → Withdrawals.