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This window is where you create a commodity contract. See Core Concepts for more information on contracts.

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Discounts/Premiums Schedule

When Fusion figures out the price for a load, it first figures it out according to the base price for the contract (or the overridden price for the scale ticket if that exists). It will then apply discounts or premiums based on how you have set this area of the contract up.


Moisture Content

You can come up with a discount schedule by adding rules to the Moisture Content list. The idea is to add one or more rules such that Fusion can figure out the correct discount (or premiums) to apply based on how different the load's moisture content was from the contract's base moisture. You should add enough rules to cover the possibilities you are interested in.

Each rules defines the price difference (from the contract base price) that equates to a certain percentage of moisture content that is higher than the base percentage. Let's look at an example. Imagine a contract with a base price of $100/unit and a base moisture of 15%. Suppose we added one rule to the Moisture Content list: 1.0% over = $5.00 discount. If an load came it at 15% moisture, Fusion would price it at $100/unit. If it came in at 16% moisture, Fusion would look at the rule and subtract $5.00 so the end result would be $95/unit.

You don't have to create a rule for every possible moisture percentage. If a load has a moisture percentage that isn't in the list of rules, Fusion will look for a rule on each side and calculate an appropriate discount. Continuing with the example above, if a load was 15.5% moisture, Fusion would look at the base moisture of 15% and the only rule of 16% and know that 15.5% was exactly in the middle of these two. It would then figure out that the discount should be $2.50 and the resulting price would be $97.50/unit.

This means that if your discount schedule is exactly linear (ex. discounting $1.00 for every percentage point), you can create one rule that is several percentage points away and Fusion will figure out the rest. If your discount schedule is not linear (ex. your discount gets steeper as the moisture content gets further away from the base), you will need to add several rules.

To make it more clear what the rules are doing, Fusion shows an Actual column in the Moisture Content list that shows the actual percentage and price that is associated with each rule. Here is an example schedule to help make this clearer. We show the list as it would appear in the window assuming, again, a base price of $100/unit and a base moisture of 15%.

% Over Price Diff. Actual
1.0% $1.00 16% = $99.00
2.0% $3.00 17% = $97.00
3.0% $6.00 18% = $94.00

To add a new rule, click the + button and enter appropriate values in the % Over and Price Diff. columns. You can edit these values by Double-Clicking the values and editing them directly. To remove a rule, select it and click the - button.

You need to make sure that the rules are in the proper order (ie. each rule had a higher percentage difference than the last rule). You can drag and drop rules within the list to change their order if necessary.

If you find you are using the same schedule often, set it up for a contract just the way you like it and then click the Save As… button below the list. Give the template a name and Fusion will save it for future contracts. To use a template in the future, click the Choose… button below the list and choose the template you want to use. Fusion will replace the current schedule with the one from the template.

Bushel Weight

The Bushel Weight schedule works the same way as the Moisture Content schedule, so we won't repeat the above information here. The only difference is that a discount for bushel weight occurs when a load's bushel weight is under the base bushel weight which is the opposite of moisture content.

Viewing Contract Loads

Click the View Associated Scale Tickets to see a list of scale tickets that have been reconciled to this contract. The embedded list works the same way as other lists (see List Windows). Below the list, Fusion shows some summary information based on the reconciled scale tickets so you can see where things are at with this contract.

To return to the main part of the Contract Edit window, click the Return To Contract button.

Printing Contracts

If you would like to print a copy of the contract for your own use or to send to the broker, click the Print button. Fusion will print the contract with all relevant information including the Contract Notes and the discount schedules. The report print such that the seller and broker addresses fit on the page where they will show through a commonly sized envelope with two windows.

If you click the Print Private button, the same report will print, but any private notes for the contract will also be included.

These two reports are the same as those that can be printed from the Contract List window using the Print and Print Private menu buttons in that window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Commodity → Contracts → New Contract or by creating or editing a contract from the Contracts List window.

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