Contracts List Window

This window is where all the contracts for commodities are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Commodity → Contracts → List Contracts.

List Description

This list has all the commodity contracts in it. A contract can be filled with scale tickets as loads come in. Contracts can be manually closed or will auto close when they are within a certain threshold of being fulfilled. Contracts also determine base pricing for loads, although that can be overriden for individual loads if desired. Note that contracts are made independent of location, but delivered loads (scale tickets) are made to a specific location for inventory purposes. Thus one contract can be spread across multiple locations and the inventory will be correct.

Field Display Speed Description
Contract Number Normal Each contract is given a number to identify it. Fusion will automatically give it an incrementing number when a contract is first created, but you can change this to anything you like as long as there are no duplicate numbers in Fusion.
Contract Date Normal This is the date the contract was made or entered into Fusion. It is essentially a start date for the contract.
Seller Normal The name of the contact who will fulfill the contract.
Seller Phone Normal The phone number of the seller.
Commodity Normal This is the commodity that is contracted to be delivered.
Status Normal A contract will start out as "Open". Once it is pretty much filled, it will become "Closed". Contracts can be automatically or manually closed.
Target Quantity (t) Normal When you create a contract, it must be for a specified amount of the commodity. This field shows that amount.
Percent Delivered Normal This field shows the how much of the contract has been filled on a percentage basis.
Base Price (per t) Normal Each contract has a base price associated with it. This is the price that is set for the commodity before any discounts or premiums are taken into account for individual loads (scale tickets).
Base Bushel Weight (lbs/bushel) Normal This is the agreed upon base bushel weight. If the bushel weight for a specific load is higher or lower than this, premiums or discounts may adjust the price.
Base Moisture Normal This is the agreed upon moisture level. If the moisture for a specific load is higher or lower than this, discounts or premiums may adjust the price.
Begin Delivery Period Normal This date is the beginning of the delivery window which can be in the future from the contract date.
End Delivery Period Normal This date is the for the end of the delivery period. It is best if a date is given, even if it has to be estimated or even changed later. Fusion uses the begin and end delivery dates in other areas to help narrow down the list of valid contracts in different situations.
Buyer Very Slow The name of the buyer. By default this will be your feedlot as most contracts are for commodities you are purchasing.
Buyer Phone Very Slow The phone number of the buyer.
Broker Very Slow If a broker is involved in the contract, this will be their name.
Buyer Phone Very Slow The phone number of the broker, if any.
Broker Contract Number Normal The broker may have a different contract number than you use for your own contract number. In that case, it will show up here.
Actual Quantity (t) Very Slow This field shows the actual quantity of commodity that has been reconciled to the contract so far. It can only be displayed since it is computed on the fly.
Visible Note Normal This note will be printed on contract invoices and can be used to record other details of the contract.
Private Note Normal This note will not be printed on normal invoices and can be used to record information about this contract that you want to be kept internal.
Auto Close Within (t) Normal The contract will automatically close when the actual quantity gets this close or closer to the target quantity. The default value used for new contracts can be set up in the Preferences window, but it can be specifically set for each contract.
Agreed Shrinkage Normal This is the amount of shrinkage that will be applied to each load (scale ticket) before determining a price for the load. Note that individual scale tickets can override this default shrinkage value.
Allow Premiums Normal If this field is "Yes", then when discounts are calculated for loads, if the bushel weight or moisture is better than the base, a premium will be calculated. If the field is "No", only discounts will be calculated. If the load is better, the base price will be the highest price used for a load.

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