Current Status Window

This window can be used to give you a quick overview of contracts that could have loads coming in during the week. It can also be used to book those loads and print a report showing what loads should be expected during the week. This window is usually used when you are booking loads to make sure you have enough commodity arriving each week to keep feeding cattle and to ensure no contracts get overlooked.


When you first open this window, you need to choose the commodity and date you are interested in so Fusion can list the appropriate contracts below. You can change these options at any time and the list will be updated.

Contracts List

The main list will show contracts that are still open and that were set up to have loads delivered in the time frame you are looking at. The list gives you an idea of how much commodity was contracted and how much has been delivered so far as well as some other key information. The Loads Booked column shows how many loads you have actually booked against the contract and you can use this window to book more loads. You can also Double-Click a contract in the list to open the Contract Edit window for that contract.

You will also find some summary information that is gathered from the listed contracts below the list.

Booking Loads

To book a load, select the contract you are booking loads for and click the Book Loads For Selected Contract button. The Book Loads window will appear. If you have previously booked loads against this contract, they will appear in this window's list. Otherwise, the list will be empty.

When you book a load, you let Fusion know which location they are supposed to deliver the load to. To book a load, click the + button. You can then choose the location and enter the number of loads you are booking on the right.

To remove a booking, select it in the list and click the - button. You can edit a booking by selecting it in the list and making changes to the right.

If you know you will be booking loads to every location from this contract, you can save time when starting by clicking the Auto Start button. This button simply adds each location to the list with a zero load count. You can then select each location and make changes from there.

tip icon It is possible to add the same location to the list multiple times. This is helpful if you are booking different loads where you need to add different notes for each one, for example.

When you are finished, click the Save button. Or, click the Cancel button to ignore your changes.

Printing the Booked Loads Report

When you have finished booking the loads for a week, you can click the Print Booked Loads Report button to print a report that shows the pertinent information for expected loads during the week. By default Fusion prints the bookings for one location per page so you can, for example, place the report in the scale house at each location so everyone knows what loads to expect. If you hold the Shift key down when you click the Print Booked Loads Report button, Fusion will not start a new page for each location

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Commodity → Contracts → Current Status.