Reconcile Window

When you are ready to reconcile scale tickets to their contracts, you will use this window which make reconciliation as simple as dragging and dropping scale tickets onto their associated contract.

During reconciliation, you will work with one commodity at a time. Optionally, you can work with one location and/or seller at at time as well. This can be useful if you have a very long list of items to reconcile and are having trouble locating them. You choose these options in the Constraints area and each time you change a constraint, the lists below will update immediately.

Scale Tickets List

As you work with the scale tickets, you can use the Show option to further filter the scale tickets you are looking at which may be helpful if you have lots of scale tickets.

Contracts List

You can also further filter the Contracts using the Show button above that list.

tip icon Double-Clicking a scale ticket or contract in either list will open the appropriate Scale Ticket Edit or Contract Edit windows.
tip icon If you have a large enough monitor, you will find it easier to resize the window and use the vertical splitter between the lists so that you can see all the information in both lists without horizontally scrolling.


To reconcile, simply drag a scale ticket from the Scale Tickets list and drop it onto the correct contract in the Contracts list. Fusion will make sure the sellers match before allowing the drop to work.

If you are showing scale tickets that have already been reconciled, you can drag one of them onto another contract to change which contract it is associated with.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Commodity → Contracts → Reconcile.