Write Checks Window

This window is used when you are ready to pay scale ticket based invoices. When you first open the window, Fusion lists all the reconciled scale tickets that haven't been paid for yet (based on whether the scale ticket has a check date yet). You'll walk through this list, gathering the scale tickets that belong to the same invoice and paying for them in groups.

Scale Ticket List

The list of scale tickets acts like a normal list (see List Windows) except that it will only show reconciled and non-paid for tickets. But you can use the search and sorting functionality to group scale tickets that belong to the same invoice together. For example, you can sort by the Seller column to group scale tickets from the same seller together.

Making a Payment

To make a payment, select all the scale tickets that belong to the same invoice. As you select more scale tickets, Fusion will show the count and total dollar value of the selected tickets below the list.

If you want to enter the seller's invoice number, do so in the Change the invoice number for the selected tickets to field and click the Change button. Fusion will save the invoice number to the Invoice Number field for each scale ticket.

Next, click the Pay For Selected Tickets button. The Write Check window will appear with the following fields:

When these fields are correct, click the OK button. Fusion will save the above information to each scale ticket and print out a check stub receipt that can be included with the check or kept for your own records.

You can then work on the next group of scale tickets and continue until you are finished.

Check Stub Receipt

You can change how many copies of the check stub receipt Fusion prints out using the Print this many copies field. If you change this value, Fusion will remember it for the next time you use this window.

tip icon If you select the wrong scale tickets when going through this process, you can edit the hidden fields for each scale ticket as explained in Scale Ticket Edit Window. You can change them to a different invoice and check date/number or make these fields blank so Fusion is ready to include the scale ticket in another check using the Write Checks window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Commodity → Contracts → Write Checks.

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