Scale Ticket Edit Window

This window is used to record each load that delivers on a commodity contract. See Core Concepts for more information on commodities and scale tickets.

You will normally use the Reconciliation window to associate a scale ticket with a contract, but if you know the contract when you enter the scale ticket, you can also click the Click here if you know the contract number for this load button. Note that you must have entered the above information first. After clicking this button you will see a list of open contracts where the commodity and seller match the scale ticket. The contract number and delivery window will be shown to help you choose the correct one. Either Double-Click a contract in the list, or select one and click the OK button to associate this scale ticket to that contract. The contract number will be shown in the Contract # field. If you chose the wrong contract, you can use this button again to choose the correct one.

Additional Fields

If you are editing an existing scale ticket, you can reveal some extra fields and functionality not used as often by clicking the disclosure triangle (insert var). These fields are normally filled automatically as you use other parts of Fusion Commodity such as writing checks and overriding pricing, but you can edit the information directly here when needed.

Saving Changes

When you have finished entering information for the scale ticket, click the Save button. Contract information and inventory levels will normally be updated within a few seconds. If you change your mind, click the Cancel button.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Lots → Lot Center.

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