Water Meter Attributes Edit Window

This window is used to create or edit an attribute for a water meter. For information on attributes, see Core Concepts. If you are changing an attribute for many items at the same time, consider using the Bulk Attribute Change instead.

Editing Attributes

This window can be used to edit existing attributes, but take care to understand this warning:

warning icon If you have printed any reports based on this information, changing any of the values may result in the same report printing differently in the future. If you are trying to change an attribute for a new date, you must create a new attribute instead of changing this one.

Saving Changes

After you have made the changes, click the Save button. If you have changed your mind, click the Cancel button.

Connection With Bulk Attribute Change Window

When you use the Bulk Attribute Change window to make water meter based changes, internally Fusion is just creating attributes just as if you had made the changes one at a time using this window. In fact, if you made a mistake you can fix it with either the Bulk Attribute Change window or with this window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Attributes → New Water Meter Attribute or by creating or editing an ingredient attribute in the Water Meter Attribute List window.

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