In Cohorts List Window

This window is where all the in cohorts are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Cohorts → List In Cohorts.

List Description

This list is where all the in cohorts are recorded. An in cohort is a group of animals that are entering the feedlot. From Fusion's perspective, the most important parts about an in cohort are the number of animals, the weight of the animals, and the pen they are going in. If not at first, a lot must soon also be assigned the in cohort (this must be done before the animals are moved). You can also link individual animals to an in cohort, although most people don't make this link.

Field Display Speed Description
Cohort Identifier Normal Each in cohort has an identifier. By default Fusion creates an identifier from the date and time when the in cohort was created, but you are free to change this however you like.
Manifest Number Normal This field records the manifest number if you keep track of one.
Location Normal This is the location of the in cohort.
Lot Normal This is the lot the in cohort is attached to. A lot doesn't have to be assigned immediately, but it is assumed that all the animals in the in cohort will be going to the same lot and that a lot will be assigned fairly quickly. It must be assigned before the animals are moved to another pen.
Reconciled To Lot Status Normal This field is for searching only. It can be used to find all the in cohorts that have been assigned a lot or have not been assigned a lot yet.
Initial Pen Normal This is the pen the animals from the in cohort originally went into.
User Normal The user who created the in cohort.
In Date Normal The date the in cohort was created.
In Time Normal The time the in cohort was created.
In Count Normal The number of animals in the in cohort.
Pay Weight (lb) Normal The total pay weight. This will be the same as the net or gross weight, depending on the option you selected when creating the in cohort.
Weights Are Accurate Normal Will be "Yes" once someone has indicated that the weights are accurate. When an in cohort it first created, it must have a weight assigned even if the exact weight is not know. This is so Fusion can give a weight to the pen the animals are going into. This field can help you know whether the weights have been checked yet or not.
Total In Price Normal The total dollars for purchasing these animals.
Dollars Are Accurate Normal Will be "Yes" once you have indicated to Fusion that the price has been checked and is accurate.
Invoice Date Normal The invoice date may be different than the in date for the cohort and can be recorded here.
Invoice Number Normal The invoice number.
Is Invoice Paid Normal Will be "Yes" once you have indicated that the invoice has been paid. You can use this field to find in cohorts where the invoice has not been paid yet.
Buyer Normal You can record the name of the buyer here. If animals were linked to this in cohort, Fusion will assign this buyer to the animal level Buyer field.
Buyer Phone Normal The phone number of the buyer.
Source Very Slow In addition to a buyer, you can record the source when it makes sense to do so.
Source Phone Very Slow The phone number of the source.
Originating Herd Very Slow If you know where the animals were born, you can record that here.
Originating Herd Phone Very Slow The phone number of the originating herd contact.
Trucking Company Very Slow You can record the trucking company who moved the cattle to your feedlot here.
Trucking Company Phone Very Slow The phone number of the trucking company.
Brand Release Normal If desired, a brand release can be recorded here.
Gross (lb) Normal This is the total gross weight for the in cohort.
Shrink Normal This is the shrinkage assigned to the gross weight.
Net (lb) Normal This is the net weight after the shrinkage has been applied to the gross weight.
Avg Weight (lb) Normal This field is for display and printing only as it is calculated on the fly. It is the average dollars per animal.
In Price (per lb) Normal This field is for display and printing only as it is calculated on the fly. It is the average dollars per weight unit.
Lot Overrides? Very Slow In some cases, individual in cohort information is not completely correct and cannot be corrected. When that happens, it is possible to override key information (in count, in dollars, in weight) at the lot level for better closeouts. If this in cohort's lot has overriden the in values, this field will be "Yes". Note that it is for display purposes only as it is calculated on the fly. Also note that while overriding used to be common before cohorts could be edited, this should now be rare.
Job ID Created From Normal It is possible for a chuteside job to automatically create an in cohort based on new animals in the job. If this in cohort was created that way, this field will show the job ID that created it.
Note Normal Each in cohort can have a note in this field.

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