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As mentioned in Core Concepts, creating an out cohort is the only way to get cattle out of the system (this includes deaths). This window can be used to create out cohorts in the office. At chuteside we recommend using the Simple New Out Cohort and Simple New Death Out Cohort windows and then adding additional information with this window in the office.

warning icon The Entity field cannot be changed later on. If you have made a mistake with this field you will have to delete the out cohort and create another one.

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The entity and count fields specify exactly which animals will be part of this out cohort. See Entity Chooser for details on how these fields work.

Total Out Weight

If you know two of the three Gross, Shrinkage, and Net values, you can click the Calculateā€¦ button next to the field you don't know and Fusion will figure out the correct value for the field.

If an entity has been selected, and weights have been entered, Fusion will show you the pen's current weight and what it will change the pen weight to after the out cohort is saved. See the Out Cohorts section of Preferences Window for more information on what is going on here.

Cohort Identifiers

Out Info

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Related Contacts

Related Inputs

If you want to associate some inputs with this out cohort, you can add them to the list here. Click the + button and choose an input to add to the list. You can then enter an amount of the input to charge for. If you need to change an amount, Double-Click the amount in the list and then change it. To remove an input, select it and click the - button.

An example of an input to add here would be a dead disposal fee for a death out cohort. Trucking fees would be another example.

Pricing and Invoice Info


You can enter any notes about this out cohort here.

Saving Changes

Click the Save to save the out cohort. Or, click the Cancel button to cancel your changes.

Handling Major Edits

If you change the Out Count or Out Date, Fusion will need some extra information from you before it can save the changes. The following is also true if you delete an out cohort. Fusion needs to add or delete animals from different pens to satisfy the count or date change (or deletion), so you need to tell it where the animals should go.

After you click the Save button (or delete an out cohort), a window will appear with some instructions. On the left hand side is a list of dates that will be affected by this change. Hopefully you have caught the error early and you only have one or two dates to deal with. For each date, you must select it and then make sure the pen counts on the right side are correct.

The right side will list the pens Fusion thinks might be possibly involved on the selected date. The Count On Date column shows the the number of animals Fusion thinks are in the pen on that date. The Change By shows how Fusion would like to change the count of each pen to satisfy the changes you are making. For example, if an out cohort originally was created with 100 animals and you later changed it to 90 animal, Fusion needs to add 10 animals somewhere so the Change By value would be 10 for one of the pens.

Fusion does its best to guess how many animals to add or remove from each pen so often all you need to do is check that Fusion is doing the right thing for each date and then click OK. If you do need to make changes, Double-Click a value in the Change By column to make changes. If you need to add animals to a pen that isn't listed on a day, click the + button and choose a pen to add to the list.

There will be a message below the list indicating whether you need to add or subtract more animals for a date, or if all is good. This helps make sure you have the right numbers entered. Also, if a date isn't good yet, it will show up in red in the list.

When you are finished, click the OK button and Fusion will add or remove the appropriate count of animals from for each date and for each pen with a non-zero Change By value while saving the out cohort. If you want to back out, click the Cancel button.

warning icon When you save (or delete) a cohort after making a major edit, Fusion tries to figure out the best default changes to make for each day before showing you this window. If you try this on a cohort that is more than several days old, it may take quite a bit of time to even display this window!

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Cohorts → New Out Cohort.

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