Simple Death Out Cohort Window

This window is a simplified version of the Out Cohort Edit that should be used a chuteside for quick entry for death type out cohorts. The Out Cohort Edit window can then be used by office staff to supply other values, including related inputs. This window is also optimized for entry on a touch screen.

The fields in this window are briefly described below, but we encourage you to be familiar with Out Cohort Edit Window which describes them in more detail.

The entity and count fields specify exactly which animals will be part of this out cohort. See Entity Chooser for details on how these fields work. Fusion makes sure that this out cohort is only dealing with one animal and, depending on your preference settings, Fusion may force the person working with this window to link an animal.

If an entity has been selected, and weights have been entered, Fusion will show you the pen's current weight and what it will change the pen weight to after the out cohort is saved. See the Out Cohorts section of Preferences Window for more information on what is going on here.

Click the Save to save the out cohort. Or, click the Cancel button to cancel your changes.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Cohorts → Simple New Death Out Cohort or, more commonly, Fusion Chuteside Main Menu → Create Out Cohort.

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