Contact Address List

Each contact, whether a company or person, may have one or more addresses associated with it. This list holds all the addresses for all contacts. It can be viewed as a child list to the Contacts List window.

Field Display Speed Description
Contact Name Normal The name of the contact the address is for.
Address Lines Normal The first part of the address. This is usually a post office box or an apartment and street.
City Normal The city portion of the address.
State Normal The province or state portion of the address.
Country Normal The country portion of the address.
Postal Code Normal The postal or zip code portion of the address.
Address Block Normal Fusion will put the entire address together in this field. It is useful for printing a full address.
Is Primary Normal If the contact has more than one address, this will designate the primary one which is the one Fusion will automatically use for invoicing and other reports.
Note Normal You can add a note explaining more about the address, its usage, etc. here.
Address Type Not Tested The address can also be given a type. Current possibilities are Home, Work, Temporary, and Other.

Parent Lists

This list can be a child window (or inlined report) for the following:

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